If you are a beginner or an experienced web developer, you can leverage Phraw with success for your projects. With Phraw you can learn PHP faster because you get a great base to start and less magic than bigger frameworks. If you develop in PHP since years, you will find in Phraw a very elastic environment and less limits as possibile: you can use your preferred libraries and customize all the parts of the system.

Why a “micro” framework?

A “micro” framework have an opposite view rather than a full stack framework. A full stack framework gives you a complete system ready to use but needs to read long documentations and limits you on what you can done. It’s difficult to push a traditional framework over their limits.

The philosophy of a micro framework is to give the bare minimum of features, so you have less to learn, and leverage on third party libraries. Often a micro framework is easier to use, faster and with less limits. Phraw is a micro framework so you can make simple web sites in less time but also build big web applications where a traditional framework may be a limit.

Phraw is more like a library where you can pick what you want and use powerful third party libraries of your chose: your code is the glue so you can customize and optimize for the original behavior that you have in mind. Phraw is fully customizable and suggest you a basic folder structure, some templating systems and a replaceable routing mechanism.

The benefits of Phraw

Phraw is little, this means several things: less to learn, less code so less bugs, better performances. These are all good benefits both for little and big web sites.

Phraw have also other benefits and features:

  • Flexible: you have the full control of the application.
  • Leveraging good template engines: ready to use and some with caching.
  • Rest URLs: best results for SEO.
  • Multi-pattern: you can develop the pattern that you prefer like MVC, MVP and so on.
  • Redirects: a single fast function.
  • Customizable detection and correction of the trailing slash: useful with custom behaviors.
  • Client errors and success headers ready to use.
  • Bulk routing: for deal with similar pages in one shot.
  • Session handling: customizable, replaceable and extensible.
  • Multi-routing system: chose your preferred method to match the pages.

Continue to read through this documentation, you will find a lot of ideas on how to use this framework!

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