How to contribute

Any help is wellcome:

  • Do benchmarks.
  • Try Phraw in your environment and report your installation (PHP version, web server version, operating system version).
  • Write an article on your blog.
  • Read and correct the english documentation.
  • Submit a feature request on the issue tracker.
  • Report a bug on the bug tracker.
  • Fix a bug or suggest a patch on the issue tracker.
  • Write an extension (for another template engine, an ORM ...).

Send your help via email on the forum

Understand the GIT workflow


  • Master: stable releases. Here are only the official stable releases.
  • Develop: main development branch. Use this if you want to test the new features or for contribute.

Release candidate versions are tagged release-X where X will be the final version. Try release versions for bleeding edge code or to help to debug the code before the official release.

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